Editing "Limit award" scenario rules


The limit award rule presents four primary choices:
- the metric to limit the award by,
- which bidders to apply the rule to,
- which lots to apply the rule to, and
- how much to limit the award by.

Firstly, you must choose to limit by the number of lots, by turnover, or by volume. If you select "Turnover", the limitation will use the value according to the scenario's cost calculation rule. If you select "Volume" you will be presented with a follow up question in order to choose a bid sheet column.


Secondly, the rule may be applied to all bidders, or you may choose specific bidders, or bidders from a pre-defined bidder group, or incumbents.

Thirdly, you must select which lots the rule will apply to, which may be all lots, a specific subset, or a pre-defined lot-group.

Finally, you may limit the award to be at least, at most, or exactly a specific value.

Limit lot examples

Do not Award Lots to a Supplier

To ensure specific lots are not awarded to a bidder, start by adding a "Limit award" rule. Select to limit the award of "Lots", select the bidders and lots the rule should apply to, and select "at most" and enter the value zero.


For award a lot to a supplier

The example below shows how to force award a lot to a specific bidder. In this case, the summary text would be Award "R0001" to "Ddd Movers". You can easily select more lots or indeed a lot group. Just ensure that if want to award all the lots in the lot group, updated Exactly to the number of lots in the group.


Limit turnover examples

Award at least €X to a Supplier


Limit volume examples

Award at most X volume to a Supplier




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