Editing "Limit winners" scenario rules

The limit winners rule presents three primary choices:
- which bidders to apply the rule to,
- which lots to apply the rule to, and
- the number of permitted winners.

The rule may be applied to all bidders, or you may choose specific bidders, or bidders from a pre-defined bidder group.

Next you must select which lots the rule will apply to, which may be all lots, a specific subset, or a pre-defined lot-group. Finally, you may limit the award to be at least, at most, or exactly a specific value.


Risk Management – Limit the Number of Suppliers across a group of lots
We can mitigate some risk from individual suppliers by enforcing that we have at least a certain number of suppliers. For example, to ensure we have at least two winners by each origin-destination pairing we may configure a rule as follows:


The "Grouped by" dropdown allows you to group lots according to the selected columns. In this case, for each unique pairing of origin and destination the rule will enforce that we have two suppliers across those lots.

One winner per origin

Similarly, the following configuration allows us to configure that each origin will have at most one supplier.


The results show that a single supplier is allocated all of the lots from a specific origin.


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