How to add All or Nothing Packaged Bids Discounts

Bundle bidding allows discounts to be applied to a group of lots. Bidders can create multiple bundles consisting of various lots.

With the ‘All or Nothing package bids’ discount method, you will create a bundle of lots and offer discounted prices for all the lots in your bundle.

All or Nothing discount bids can be added to your bid by carrying out the following steps:

Log into the Keelvar app, and click on the blue ‘Discounts' tab at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

Figure 1: Bundle Bidding tab

To create your bundle, click the ‘Create bundle’ button, provide a name for the bundle, and then select the lots you wish to include in the bundle, and then click ‘Save bundle’ (Fig 1 & 2)

Figure 1: Create 'All or Nothing' discount
Figure 2: Bundle creation and lot selection. 

This discount will look similar to the figure below, and will display the lots that we have added in the bundle.

Figure 3: Selected Lots in Bundle

If you wish to further edit your bundle, you can click the ‘Edit bundle’ button.

To offer the discount, click ‘Enable bidding’, and then enter in your discounted value for each lot.

Submitted discount prices are not calculated to the the final bid value. The event owner will advise on how to calculate and enter in your discounted bid values.

Once you have entered in your final discounts, click the 'Submit changes' button. Your total discounted price for all the lots will be displayed in the ‘Total’ column.

Figure 4: Submitted Bundle
You must be awarded all the lots in the bundle for the buyer to qualify for the discounted price.

If you wish to discard your discounts for the lots, click the ‘Discard bid’ button. This will remove your prices for the lots in that bundle.

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