March 2018 release

The Keelvar team are excited to bring you advanced Scenario functionality for our March release.

Want to see the updates in action? Watch a release webinar covering this functionality recorded on March 28th.

Scenario creation

The Scenario editing view has been overhauled to provide a richer experience. The top section of the view gives an immediate summary of the total price, bid coverage, number of winners and savings on your scenario. Rules can be created from our rules library and all rules are clearly summarized on the event. Each rule has a simple On/Off toggle to temporarily turn off a rule. Helpful to understand it's impact on evaluated results or to identify a rule causing an infeasible solution.


Our rules library quickly allows you to choose and build up a new rule. 

Limit award
Choose this rule where you want to limit the award on lots, turnover or volume to suppliers. You can choose the scope of bidders you want to apply the rule to (e.g. incumbents) as well as the scope of lots to include (e.g. lots in group "Florida departure routes").

For example:
At most 15 lots across bidders from "Qualified suppliers" on lots from "Florida departure routes". 


Limit winners
Choose this rule where you want to limit the number of winners on specific lots. You have flexible scoping options on combinations of lots and bidders.

For example:
At most 2 winners across all bidders on lots from "Florida departure routes". 

Adjust bids
This rule will allow you to favour bids from certain suppliers. Similarly you can choose to penalise bidders that do not meet your full quality criteria.

For example:
-2% on bids by bidders from "Qualified suppliers" on all lots. 

Cost calculation
The cost calculation rule will allow you to explore results based on a secondary cost calculation. Rather than seeking to minimise cost, you could choose to explore what results look like if you maximise for a quality criteria. 

For example:
"Maximize for quality" is being used to calculate cost. Screen_Shot_2018-03-16_at_11.53.23.png

Custom award
This section allows a cherry picked award to be defined or multiple other scenario results to be combined into this scenario.

For example:
Combining results from "Min number of lots with Incumbent"

Scenario results

Click on the Results tab to quickly access the scenarios results. Filter on lots or paginate the list to see who is winning on what lot and at what price.


Bid summary report

The customizable bid summary report has a new home under the Reports tab in the Analyze step. Click Download Report to view based off default settings or customize for additional detail such as coverage, gap and rank analysis.


Hope you enjoy the scenario improvements in our March release. Keep tuned for Reporting improvements in the near future.







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