Bid: Activity

The ‘Activity’ tab gives an overview of all actions performed by all bidders in the event such as latest bid actions, time line of all uploads and downloads, and the coverage of lots from bidders. Navigate through the different types of Activity using the 3 tabs at the top of the screen.


The ‘Dashboard’ tab provides a summary of all recent actions from bidders. Recent bidder actions are broken down into the following categories:

  • Invitations: How many sent invitations have been accepted and are yet to be sent as well as any failed invites.
  • Latest Access: Which bidders have recently accessed the event.
  • RFI: How many bidders have not started, are in the process, and have completed the RFI.
  • Event Access: How many bidders do not have access to the event (blocked access).
  • Latest Actions: Which bidders have uploaded and downloaded bid sheets.

A graph on the right-hand side displays the ‘Number of Lots with Bids’ and the ‘Total Price’ for each bidders submitted bid (Fig 1).

Figure 1: Bidding Dashboard

A Bar chart below the ‘Bid Summary’ displays price changes for each bidder and each lot separately. These changes can be viewed as ‘Mean Lot Improvements’ and 'Aggregate Bidder Improvements'.


This tab displays any recent bid sheet uploads and downloads for all bidders. You can view the details of any bid sheet action, including the number of lots updated and the total price for each upload. Bid sheet submission errors will also be displayed.

Bid submissions can also be graphically represented to show how many lots were updated as shown in figure below

Figure 2: Bidding Timeline

Each submission is color coded to represent if the bid was a Decrease, Increase, Submission Error, or Other. If you move your cursor over the representation, it will display additional information such as the bidder name, number of lots updated, and total updated bid price. The graph can also be set to display a ‘Time’ distribution by using the ‘Distribution’ filter on the top left hand side of the graph


This tab provides a graphical representation of the ‘Lot Coverage’ and ‘Bidder Coverage’ in the form of a pie chart (Fig 3). Each chart allows you to filter on different coverage points that are displayed. The table below the pie charts displays the following information for each lot:

  • Bid Count: How many bids were submitted for that lot.
  • Lowest Bid: The lowest value submitted on that lot.
  • Average Bid: The average value for based of the bids submitted on that lot
  • Highest Bid:The highest value received on that lot.
  • Bidder Summary:Which bidders have submitted bids on that lot.
Figure 3: Bid Coverage
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