Account Settings: Bulk import of users

An excel upload provides a fast mechanism to bulk provision users into Sourcing Optimizer. If you are a user with the Organisation Owner security role, follow the steps below to quickly do this for your organisation.

1. Navigate to your account settings by clicking on your email in the top right and choosing "Account Settings".


2. Select the "Users" section under the "Your Organisation" category.

3. On this screen click the "Import Users" button to expand a section allowing upload and download of an Excel file. Screenshot_2019-04-04_at_12.52.09.png

4. Click the "Download empty import template" button and open the downloaded excel file.

5. Populate the blank template with one or more users you want to bulk provision and save the file.


6. Drag the file onto the upload section to import the file and you should receive a success message indicating that the upload was successful.

7. The new users are now displayed in the user list and they have been sent an invitation email so that they can set a password to login.


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