Managing team members

The Team members section on the Team tab lists the users from your organization who have been assigned a role in the event. Team members are grouped by their assigned role.

You can add users to the event, change their role in the event, or remove them from the event by configuring their role on the Manage team page.

Team members
Figure 1. Team members

In addition to managing users from your organization, you can also search and filter for users, and access the Organization users page to create new users.

In the Search area, you can refine the list of users by entering the name or email address of the user you are searching for in the Search... field. The list updates as you type.
You can also filter the list by user role by selecting the relevant role checkbox.

Manage team page
Figure 2. Manage team page

The No access radio button is selected for users in your organization who are not team members for the event. You can add these users as team members for the event by assigning them an Admin, Editor, or Viewer role.

  • Admin: The team member can view and edit the event, send messages to suppliers, add new team members, and change team members’ roles.
  • Editor: The team member can view and edit the event as well as send messages to suppliers.
  • Viewer: The team member can only view the event. Viewers cannot send messages to suppliers.
  • No access: The user has no access to the event.

To manage team members, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Design > Overview.
  2. Click the Team tab.
  3. In the Team members section, click Manage team.
  4. Update the user’s role by clicking the relevant radio button in their row.
    The user’s role is instantly updated.