Changing your organization details

You can change your organization details in the Your Organization area of the Account settings page.

Organization owners can update the following:

  • Organization name
  • Organization time zone
  • The industry your organization operates in
  • The default currency for your organization's events

The organization name you enter is listed in the invitation email sent to bidders. The time zone and default currency you select are the default settings for all of your organization's events.

The organization details can only be changed by Organization Owners. Restricted and Standard Users are not be able to complete this action. Changes made to an organization will apply to all users across the organization.

Organization details
Figure 1. Organization details

To change your organization details, complete the following steps:

  1. In the top-right corner of the page, click your account.
  2. Click Account settings.
  3. In the Your Organization section, click Details.
  4. Edit your organization details as required.
    1. Optional: Enter your organization name in the Organization Name field.
    2. Optional: Select a time zone from the Organization Timezone list.
    3. Optional: Enter your industry in the Industry field.
    4. Optional: Select a default currency from the Default currency list.
  5. Click Update.