Adding a Consistency validation rule

This validation rule requires that groups of lots all have the same value in a bidder-input column.

Configuring a Consistency rule
Figure 1. Configuring a Consistency rule
  1. Go to Design > Bid Sheet.
  2. Click the Validation rules tab.
  3. Click Add a rule.
  4. Enter a rule description in the Description field.
  5. Optional: In the Error message field, enter an error message to be displayed to bidders if their bid doesn’t pass the validation rule.
  6. Click Require uniform values for a specific column across groups of lots.
  7. Select the bidder-input column for which the group of lots must have the same value from the Ensure values are consistent on… list.
  8. Select the purchaser-input columns used to group the lots from the grouping lots by… list.
  9. Optional: Enter a specific value in the ignoring lots with value… field to exclude lots with that specific value from the validation rule.
  10. Click Save changes.