Lots tab

You can add, order, search, edit, and delete lots on the Lots tab.

Lots tab
Figure 1. Lots tab
  1. Search area: Use the Columns list and Enter search text field to search lots.
  2. Pagination controls: This area lists the lot number range you are currently viewing. Click the dropdown arrow to edit the number of displayed lots or to jump to a page. Use the Left arrow and Right arrow icons to navigate to other lot pages.
  3. Column visibility: Use this list to select which columns are visible on the Lots tab.
  4. Re-order or delete lots: Re-order lots or delete all lots.
  5. Lots overview: This table provides an overview of the bid sheet lots. You can add, edit, or delete a lot in this table.
  6. Add a lot: Add a new lot to your bid sheet.