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Validation rules tab

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You can add, arrange, copy, edit, and delete validation rules on the Validation rules tab.

Validation rules can be used to control bid validation; they help ensure that you receive consistent data from bidders. There are three types of validation rules available: the Consistency rule, the Coverage rule, and the Condition rule.

Validation rules tab
Figure 1. Validation rules tab
  1. Add and arrange validation rules: Add a rule using the Add a rule button. Click the Arrange rules button to re-order rules.
  2. Search area: Use the Enter search text field to search rules.
  3. Rules list: This area lists the created validation rules. Use a rule’s toggle switch to enable or disable the rule.
  4. Rule actions: Click a rule’s Actions icon to open its Rule actions menu. You can edit, disable, delete, or copy a validation rule from this menu.

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