Adding a bidder list

Keelvar provides a Bidder Invitations Excel template which you can download, populate, and re-upload, to bulk-add users.

Figure 1. Invitations tab — Import bidders area
  1. Go to Invite > Bidders.
  2. On the Invitations tab, click Import bidders.
  3. In the Import bidders area, under Download, click Download file.
  4. Open the downloaded Bidder Invitations Excel file and populate the columns for each bidder you are creating.
    1. Enter the bidder's organization name in the Organization name column.
    2. Enter the bidder’s name in the Contact name column.
    3. Enter the bidder’s email address in the Contact email column.
  5. Save the Excel file.
  6. Upload the Excel file.
    1. Return to the Import bidders area on the Invitations tab.
    2. Click choose a file.
    3. Navigate to the location of the Excel file, select the file, and then click Open.
      Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the Upload area.

Sourcing Optimizer validates the file during the upload process; the file will be rejected if there are validation issues. A summary of changes is displayed after the file is successfully uploaded.