Bonus/malus tab

A bonus or malus refers to adjustments you can apply to each lot to favor or penalize specific bidders. For a bidder, applying a bonus to a lot lowers their bid, and applying a malus raises their bid. These adjustments can be applied as a percentage value of the bid or as a fixed value.

You can configure lot bonuses and maluses for bidders on the Bonus/malus tab. You can configure bonuses and maluses online using Sourcing Optimizer, or offline using a downloaded template.

If the file you are downloading exceeds Excel row limitations — approximately 1,000,000 rows — it is automatically converted to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. If you open a CSV file that exceeds Excel limitations in Excel, the data beyond the limits will not display. Use a different program to open the file. In addition to Excel files, you can also upload CSV files.

Figure 1. Bonus/malus tab
  1. Bidders overview: This area lists the bidders and the number of lots that have bonuses or maluses configured. Click Edit to configure bonuses or maluses for a bidder.
  2. Search: Use the Search field to search for bidders. The list of bidders updates as you type.
  3. Upload area: In this area you can download the Bidder Configuration Excel template. After you populate the file, return to this area to upload it to Sourcing Optimizer. This file is updated with any bidder configurations made in Sourcing Optimizer. You can download the file at any time for an up-to-date status report listing the bidder configuration details.