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Invitations tab

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You can add, arrange, search, edit, and delete bidder organizations and individual bidders on the Invitations tab. You can also reset all bidder contact information to remove personally identifiable information (PII) on this tab.

Invitations tab
Figure 1. Invitations tab
  1. Bidders overview: Add, arrange, edit, or delete bidder organizations and individual bidders. This area lists the organization, contact details, and invitation status of each bidder.
    • Organization: This column displays the bidding organization or company that the bidder belongs to.
    • Contact: This column displays the name and email address of the bidder.
    • Status: This column displays the invitation status of the bidder.
      • Not invited: The bidder has not been sent an invite to the event.
      • Invited: The bidder has been sent an invite to the event.
      • Accepted: The bidder has accepted the invite to the event.
      • Rejected: The bidder has rejected the invite to the event.
      • Failed: The invite has failed to deliver to the bidder.
  2. Search area: Use the Enter search term… field to search for bidders; use the checkboxes to filter the search based on the invite status of the bidder.
  3. Upload area: In this area you can download the Bidder Invitations Excel template. After you populate the file, return to this area to upload it to Sourcing Optimizer. This file is updated with any bidder or invitation edits made in Sourcing Optimizer. You can download the file at any time for an up-to-date status report listing the bidder and invitation details.

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