Searching and filtering bidders

You can search and filter the bidder list to help you quickly find the bidder or bidders you are looking for. The search and filter features can be used separately or together to refine your bidder list.

Figure 1. Search and filter area
  1. Search area: You can search the bidder list by entering the bidder organization name or the contact name. The bidder list updates as you type.
  2. Filter area: You can filter the bidder list by the bidder contact's current invite status.
    • Not invited: Contacts that have not been sent an invite to the event.
    • Invited: Contacts that have been sent an invite to the event.
    • Accepted: Contacts that have accepted the invite to the event.
    • Rejected: Contacts that have rejected the invite to the event.
    • Failed: Contacts whose invites have failed to deliver.
      Click Invite status to open the dropdown list of filter options. After you select the option or options, click Apply to update the bidder list. You can apply multiple filter options at the same time. Click Reset to reset the filter.