Configuring incumbency online

Figure 1. Edit incumbency view
  1. Search area: Use the Search field to search lots. The list of lots updates as you type.
  2. Pagination controls: This area lists the lot number range you are currently viewing. Click the number range to edit the number of displayed lots or to jump to a page. Use the Left arrow and Right arrow icons to navigate to other lot pages.
  3. Lots overview: This table displays the bidder’s incumbency status for each lot.
  4. Configuration dropdown: This dropdown opens when you click the Edit icon in a lot row.

To configure incumbency online, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Invite > Bidders.
  2. Click the Incumbency tab.
  3. In the Bidders overview area, click Edit in the bidder row you want to configure lot incumbency for. The Edit incumbency view opens.
  4. Click the Edit icon in the lot row you want to configure incumbency for.
  5. Configure the lot incumbency.
    • Click Incumbent to set the bidder as the incumbent on the lot
    • Click Not Incumbent to set the bidder as not the incumbent.
  6. Click Save.