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Deleting multiple bidders

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You can delete multiple contacts from a bidder organization or multiple bidder organizations from your event at once on the Invitations tab.

Individual bidders can be deleted at any time; however, bidder organizations can only be deleted if the event has not been published.
If you delete a bidder organization, all of the individual bidders associated with the organization are also deleted.

Deleting multiple bidders at once
Figure 1. Deleting multiple bidders at once
  1. Go to Invite > Bidders.
  2. On the Invitations tab, in the Bidders overview area, select the checkboxes of the bidders you want to delete.
  3. Above the table, click the Actions icon.
  4. Delete individual bidders or delete bidder organizations.
    • To delete multiple individual bidders, click Delete x contacts, where x is the number of contacts selected.
    • To delete multiple bidder organizations, click Delete x organizations, where x is the number of organizations selected.