Unpublishing your event

After you publish your event, you can unpublish it, if required. This changes the published event to a draft event. Bidders cannot access a draft event.

You can unpublish an event after bidders accept the event invite and after bidders have completed the RFI. However, if a bidder has completed the RFI and confirmed gating responses, and you unpublish the event, the bidder must confirm their gating responses again after you republish the event.

If the Bidding method is set to Offline using an Excel file or Using either on the Event Settings page, you cannot unpublish an event after a bidder has downloaded the bid sheet.
You cannot unpublish an event after a bidder has submitted a bid.

To unpublish your event, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Publish > Publish Event.
  2. Click Unpublish.
  3. Click Yes, unpublish event.