Dashboard tab

The Dashboard tab provides a Bid summary area that includes the latest bidder actions and a Round Activity area that displays bid changes over rounds.

Bid summary area
Figure 1. Bid summary area

The Bid summary area features the following information:

  • Invitations: Displays how many sent invites have been accepted, how many invites are yet to be sent, and any failed invites.
  • Latest access: Displays which bidders have recently accessed the event and when.
  • RFI: Displays information about bidder RFI progress.
  • Event Access: Displays the number of bidders who are blocked from the event. This item is only displayed if there are blocked bidders.
  • Latest actions: Displays information about bid submissions.
  • Graph: The graph on the right side of the tab shows the total number of lots with bids and total price. Hover over a plot point for additional information.