Re-opening a round

You can re-open a round you closed early.

If you have closed and awarded a round but have not progressed to the next round, you must first undo your award before you can re-open the round. If you have progressed to the next round, you cannot alter the previous round.

To re-open a round, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Bid > Management.
  2. Select Reopen round.
  3. Optional: Set the date and time that the round will close.
    1. Select a date from the calendar.
    2. Select the hour.
    3. Select the minute.
  4. Optional: To notify bidders by email that the round has been re-opened, select the Notify bidders checkbox.
  5. Click Re-open Round.
Figure 1. Re-opening a round

Figure 2. Set the date and time that the round will close

If only certain bidders require additional bidding time after a round has closed, you may want to re-open the round to accommodate those specific bidders only. In this case, you can block the bidders who do not require the additional bidding time in the re-opened round. For more information, see Managing bidder access.