Rules tab

Scenarios are created using rules. When you are adding a scenario, use rules and combinations of rules to achieve specific business goals. Rules are powerful, malleable, and highly-customizable.

Open the Rules tab by clicking Add a scenario, or by clicking on an existing scenario in the Scenarios table.

Rules tab
Figure 1. Rules tab
  1. Tabs: After you evaluate a scenario, use the tabs to view results and allocation details based on the scenario.
    • Rules: This tab is where you can add, configure, and view scenario rules.
    • Results: This tab provides a comprehensive breakdown of the scenario results.
    • Bidder Chart: This tab provides a bar graph representation of the lots awarded or cost for each bidder.
    • Lot Chart: This tab provides bar graph representations of the cost and awarded bidder for each lot.
    • Lot Details: This tab provides a table showing the cost and awarded bidder for each lot.
  2. Rules area: This area lists the rules added for the scenario. Use the rule’s toggle switch to enable or disable the rule. Click Arrange rules to reorder the scenario rules. Click the Actions icon to access the Rule actions list. From here you can edit, disable, copy, or delete a rule.
  3. Add rules area: This area lists the rules you can use to create a scenario. Click add to add the rule to the scenario. The following rules are available.
    • Limit award: Limit the lots, cost, or other allocated to specific bidders.
    • Limit winners: Limit the number of winners on specific lots.
    • Adjust bids: Apply positive or negative bid transformations.
    • Consistent award: Ensure consistent bidder allocations across lots.
    • Cost calculation: Customize the way cost is determined for lot bids.
    • Toggle features: Disable features like discounts and capacity limits.
    • Custom award: Hand-pick winners and combine results from other scenarios.