Consistent award rule use cases

This section features a use case for the Consistent award rule. You can use this example to help you create similar and different rules for your scenarios.

Ensuring bidders are awarded the same award for each lot in a region

Consider a scenario where we have already configured a split award for bidders. After reviewing the event, we decide that we want to ensure that bidders are awarded the exact same award for each lot in a region, but that they may have different awards across different regions. We use a bid sheet column, Origin, to group lots where the rule is applied independently.

Consistent award rule — Example 1
Figure 1. Consistent award rule — Example 1

Example explained:

  1. First, we select All bidders, as we want the rule to apply to all bidders.
  2. Next, we select All lots, as we want the rule to apply to all lots.
  3. Then, we select the Origin column from the Grouped by list as we want to apply the rule to lots grouped by their origin.


  1. Go to Evaluate > Scenarios.
  2. Click Add a scenario, or click on an existing scenario in the Scenarios table.
  3. On the Rules tab, on the Consistent award rule, click add.
  4. Under for, click All bidders.
  5. Under on, click All lots.
  6. From the Grouped by list, select the Origin column.
  7. At the top of the Rules tab, click Save changes.