Adjust bids rule use cases

This section features a use case for the Adjust bids rule. You can use this example to help you create similar and different rules for your scenarios.

Penalizing unreliable bidders

In this example, we have two bidders that have proven unreliable in the past. Unreliable Shipping Inc. have failed to deliver goods by the stated delivery date, while Slow Freight Company tend to have much longer delivery times from the outset. As both of these bidders have previously caused disruptions to our supply chain, we apply a 5% penalty to their bids. This promotes the chances of other more reliable bidders who do not have a penalty applied to them, and requires that the penalized bidders improve their bids to be more competitive and win lots.

Adjust bids rule — Example 1
Figure 1. Adjust bids rule — Example 1

Example explained:

  1. First, we select the bidders, Unreliable Shipping Inc. and Slow Freight Company, from the Specific bidders list.
  2. Next, we select All lots, as we want the rule to apply to all lots.
  3. Finally, we enter 5 in the Proportionally field to apply a 5% penalty to all bid values.


  1. Go to Evaluate > Scenarios.
  2. Click Add a scenario, or click on an existing scenario in the Scenarios table.
  3. On the Rules tab, on the Adjust bids rule, click add.
  4. Under for, click Specific bidders, and then select the checkbox of the bidders you want to apply the adjustment to.
  5. Under on, click All lots.
  6. Under by, click Proportionally, and then enter 5 in the Enter a value field.
  7. At the top of the Rules tab, click Save changes.