Split Configuration overview

To view the Split Configuration page, you must first enable the feature on the Event Settings page.

The Split Configuration feature enables you to split lot awards across multiple bidders. There are three split award options available.

  • Flexible Award: Splits the award based on the optimal allocation plan. This is the default split award configuration.
  • Single Award: Awards the lot to one winner.
  • Split into x awardsSplits the award across a number of winners. You can select two, three, four, or five winners. The maximum number of bidders you can split the award between is based on the Minimum share size configured on the Event Settings page. For example, if you entered a minimum share size of 30%, the maximum number of bidders you can split the award between is three, because you cannot award a 30% share to more than three bidders. The combined percentage award must equal 100.

Split configuration page

Figure 1. Split Configuration page
  1. Lot: Lists the lots that you can configure split awards for.
  2. Splits: Lists the type of split award configured for each lot.
  3. Split award percentage: If you select the Split into x awards option, select the percentages you want the award split into from the lists.