Award page

You can use the Award page to select the winning scenario for a round. To complete an event or to proceed to the next round, you must select your preferred scenario.

Award — Choosing a winning scenario
Figure 1. Award — Choosing a winning scenario

You cannot re-evaluate a preferred scenario. If you need to refresh the results or select an alternative preferred scenario, you must first undo your selection.

Afterwards, you can progress to the next round if an additional round is scheduled; create a new round if an additional round is not scheduled; or, after the final round is complete, close the event and select your award communication settings. You can also undo your chosen preferred scenario and select a different preferred scenario, if you want to.

Figure 2. Award — Options when another round is scheduled and when it is not

Closing the event indicates to your team members and the bidders that the event has finished. You can reopen an event after you close it, if required. For more information on reopening an event, see Reopening an event.

Figure 3. Award — Closing an event