Creating a bidder group

When creating a new bidder group, first add the bidder group, then name the bidder group, and finally, configure the bidder group by selecting which bidders you want to add to the group.

Creating a Bidder group online

  1. Go to Evaluate > Bidder Groups
  2. Click Add bidder group
  3. Rename the bidder group
    1. Click on the Edit icon next to New bidder group
    2. Enter a new name in the field
    3. Click Save
  4. Configure the group:
    1. Click the group name
    2. Select the checkboxes of the bidders you want to add to the group
    3. In the top-right corner of the page, click Save changes

Figure 1. Create a Bidder group online

Creating Bidder groups offline

  1. Go to Evaluate > Bidder Groups
  2. Click Import bidder groups
  3. Click Download file
  4. Open the downloaded file
    1. Create bidder groups by adding the group name as a new column. The group name should only be added in row "Group name".
    2. Add bidders to a bidder group by entering "TRUE" on the relevant group
  5. Save the file
  6. Go to Evaluate > Bidder Groups
  7. Click Import bidder groups
  8. Upload the file

Figure 2. Create a Bidder group offline

You can update the name of a Bidder group by modifying the column headers within the Group Name row. Values under Current Group Name should not be edited as these represent the current group names in Keelvar and are used for data mapping purposes.