Answering the RFI

The event's request for information (RFI) can be accessed by clicking the Questions tab.

The right side of the Questions page displays the RFI questions. The left side of the page shows the current progress of the RFI, and features a filter area that you can use to search for questions.

RFI progress
Figure 1. RFI progress

Response requirements

Ensure you read the questions carefully and understand the response requirement and input type for each question. There are three types of response requirements:

  • Mandatory: You are expected to provide an answer but can access the bid sheet without providing an answer.
  • Optional: You do not have to provide an answer to access the bid sheet.
  • Event gating: Bidders are required to provide a response to access event information and documents
  • Bid sheet gating: Bidders are required to provide a response to access the bid sheet.

Response types

The questions can require different input types, including text, number, currency, date, and file. Some questions may require single-choice or multiple-choice answers. Event organizers may attach reference documents for you to download and review. You may also be required to upload a file in your response to a question.

Figure 2. Downloading a reference document
Figure 3. Uploading a file in a response

Answering the RFI

To answer the RFI, complete the following steps:

  1. In the event, click the Questions tab.
  2. For each question, enter or select your answer, and then click Save.
  3. After you submit all your answers, in the top-left of the page, click Confirm gating responses.

If you have not answered all the gating questions, a warning displays. To unlock the bid sheet, you must answer all gating questions and then confirm this by clicking Confirm gating responses.

Video_icon.png Watch a video on unlocking a bid sheet