Troubleshooting: Bid Sheet upload issues and errors

If you receive no error messages after you upload your bid sheet, this indicates that your bid sheet uploaded successfully. However, if you do receive errors when uploading your bid sheet, be aware of the following potential upload issues and errors.

Partial bid error

If you receive a partial bid error when you upload or submit your bid sheet, this indicates that you did not complete all mandatory cells for a row. Review your bid sheet to ensure that you have completed all mandatory cells for any row that you want to bid on.

If you are submitting your bid using a downloaded bid sheet, the yellow cells are bidder-input cells. Columns with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

If you are submitting your bids online using using the Bid Sheet page, the yellow cells are bidder-input cells. If a column is mandatory, the accompanying text above the column displays Mandatory.

Partial bid error in a downloaded bid sheet
Figure 1. Partial bid error in a downloaded bid sheet
  1. Complete Bid column: The Complete Bid column indicates whether or not you completed all mandatory cells for a row. A green-shaded cell displaying Yes indicates that all of the mandatory cells in the row have been completed; a red-shaded cell displaying No indicates that one or more mandatory cells have not been completed. You can use the Complete Bid column to filter for incomplete bids by selecting No from the dropdown list.
  2. Incomplete cell in a mandatory column: In the example shown in Figure 1, the Rate per Trip (USD)* column is a mandatory column where bidders must enter a value in the cell if they want to bid on that row. Because there is no value in the cell, but there is a value in the corresponding Comments cell, the bid is considered a partial bid and is rejected.

Zero bid error

If you receive a zero bid error, this indicates that you entered 0 in one or more cells, causing your bid value to be zero. Review and update your bid sheet and remove the zero bids from the cells listed in the upload feedback.

Zero bid error warning
Figure 2. Zero bid error warning
  • If you are bidding on a row, ensure that you update any zero values that are causing the error.
  • If you do not want to bid on a lot, ensure that all yellow-shaded cells in the row are empty.

Do not enter 0 values in a row to indicate that you do not want to bid on the row.

A common cause of zero bid errors is entering 0 in a cell in a volume column. The purchaser's cost calculation formula may include multiplying the value in the volume column, and because it is 0, this results in a bid value of 0.

If you did not intend to enter a 0 value but you receive a zero bid error, this may be due to the how the purchaser's cost calculation formula is configured. After you review your bid sheet, if the source of the zero bid error is still unclear, contact Keelvar Support.

Validation errors

A validation error occurs if you submit a value that is not consistent with the requirements set for a column or a rule.

Cell validation errors

If you receive a cell validation error, review and update the necessary cells and ensure that the values entered are consistent with the requirements of the column. Figure 3. shows an example of a cell validation error where the purchaser has set minimum and maximum limits for cell values in a column.

Cell validation error example
Figure 3. Cell validation error example
  1. Minimum and maximum limits: The purchaser has set a minimum value of 2 days and a maximum value of 15 days for the transit time for the goods. Bidders must enter a value between those limits for the cell to be valid.
  2. Column: This information tells you which column features the error.
  3. Lot: This information tells you which row features the error.

Custom validation rule errors

The purchaser may also set custom validation rules which must be fulfilled. Details of these rules are typically found on the event’s Overview page.

Bid withdrawal and bid increase errors

In later rounds you may want to increase your bid or withdraw your offer. These actions are often disabled by the purchaser. If the purchaser signaled that these actions are permitted, inform them of the conflicting rule.

Number formatting

Ensure that you use a period (.) when entering a decimal number. Do not use a comma (,) within a number. For example, if you want to enter a bid of fifteen thousand dollars, enter 15000 and not 15,000.

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