Visualizations tab

On the Visualizations tab, you can view, configure, add, sort, copy, and delete visualizations.

Scenario Visualizations - Visualizations tab
Figure 1. Scenario Visualizations - Visualizations tab
  1. Visualizations area: This area provides a summary of your available visualizations.
    • Name: Lists your visualizations. Click a visualization name to view the visualization. Click the Edit icon next to a visualization name to change the name.
    • Type: Lists the type of chart or graph configured for the visualization.
    • Actions: Click Configure to configure the visualization. Click the Actions icon next to the Configure button to open a list of additional options to view, copy, or delete the visualization.
  2. Arrange visualizations: Click to arrange your visualizations. Changing the order of the visualizations in the Visualizations area changes the order that they appear in the Visualization list on the Overview tab.
  3. Add a visualization: Click to add and configure a new visualization.