User accounts and team member roles

In Sourcing Optimizer, there are organization-level permissions and event-level permissions. Your user account defines your permissions at the organization level and your team member role within an event defines your permissions at the event level.

User accounts

Organization-level permissions relate to actions outside of events, such as account management, organization management, and user management. These permissions are defined by your Keelvar user account. There are three types of user accounts.

  • Organization Owner: The user can create events and access, edit, copy, and delete all events. The organization owner can also create and edit other users.
  • Standard User: The user can create events and access, copy, or delete events they are added to.
  • Restricted User: The user can access events they are added to.

Table 1 lists the organization-level permissions available for each user account.

Table 1. Sourcing Optimizer user account permissions
Activity Organization Owner Standard User Restricted User
Manage your account Yes Yes Yes
Manage organization Yes View-only View-only
Manage users Yes No No
All events list Can view and add themselves to any event No No
Create events Yes Yes No
Create Bots Yes Yes No

For more information about creating user accounts, see Creating a new user.

Team member roles

You can only add a user as a team member for your event if they have a user account for your organization.

Event-level permissions relate to actions within events, such as bid sheet configuration, bid monitoring, and award management. These permissions are defined by your team member role, on a per-event basis. There are four types of team member roles.

  • Admin: The team member can view and edit the event, add new team members, and change team members’ roles.
  • Editor: The team member can view and edit the event.
  • Viewer: The team member can only view the event.
  • No access: The team member has no access to the event.

Table 2 lists the event-level permissions available for each team member role. The permissions for the No access role are not listed because a user with that role has no event permissions.

Table 2. Sourcing Optimizer team member permissions
Activity Admin Editor Viewer
Configure event Yes Yes View-only
Copy event Yes Yes No
Delete event Yes No No
Archive event Yes Yes No
Manage team Yes View-only View-only
Manage bid sheet Yes Yes View-only
Manage bidders Yes Yes View-only
Manage messaging Yes Yes View-only
Monitor bidding Yes Yes Yes
Surrogate bidding Yes Yes View-only
Scenario management Yes Yes View-only
Manage reports Yes Yes Yes
Manage awards Yes Yes View-only

For more information about configuring user roles for team members in an event, see Managing team members.