Creating an event

To create a new event, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Events page, in the top-right corner of the page, click Create event
  2. Enter the event name in the Event name field
  3. Click an Event type
  4. Click a Status
  5. Click Create event

Event types

Sourcing Optimizer offers two types of events, an RFQ and Auction. Users have the flexibility to run an event in real-time as a live event or conduct a trial run by selecting the test event option.


A round-based event where feedback is provided after each round. If an RFQ event is selected, an RFQ type will need to be selected.

  • Standard: An event where bids are submitted online by the Bidder
  • Purchaser-only: A single-round event where bids are collected outside of Sourcing Optimizer and uploaded for analysis.
  • Test event: A trial event with restrictions on the number of bidders that can be invited.
  • Bot template: An event that can be used as a template for event creation in Autonomous Sourcing. When the Bot template button is selected, the Event tags field will be automatically filled with the name Bot template.

Figure 1. Creating an RFQ event


A continuous event where feedback is provided as soon as a bid is received.

Figure 2. Creating an Auction event

Test events

A test event is a trial event with restrictions on the number of bidders that can be invited. Test events are often used to trial an event design and process, perform internal testing, or train users before creating a live event.

To create a test event, select the Test event radio button when configuring your event type.

To switch a current event to a test event, edit the event information on the Overview tab.

Test events do not count towards your organization's event tally.