Searching and filtering the events list

You can search and filter each of your event list tabs to help you quickly find the event you are looking for.

The search and filter features can be used separately or together to refine your event list and locate the relevant event.

Search and filter area
Figure 1. Search and filter area
  1. Search area: The search area provides a range of criteria for searching your event list. You can search the Event name, Team members, Bidders, Welcome message, and Tags. After you select the search option, enter the text you are searching for. The event list updates as you type.
  2. Filter area: The filter area provides a range of criteria by which you can filter and refine your event list. You can apply multiple filters at once. Click any of the available filters to open a dropdown list of filter options. After you select an option, click Apply to update your event list. Click Reset to reset the filter.
    The following filters and options are available:
    • Event type: RFQ or Auction.
    • Event state: Published, Not published, Paused, or Closed.
    • Test event: Yes or No.
    • Close date: Next 7 days, Next 2 days, Next 24 hours, Previous 24 hours, Previous 2 days, or Previous 7 days.