Configuring the overview layout

You can create a multi-visualization dashboard of up to eight visualizations on the Overview tab. This enables you to view and interact with multiple visualizations on one page to explore and analyze the allocation data across different charts and configurations.

Using the Overview configuration page, you can arrange and preview the layout of how your visualizations will be displayed on the Overview tab. You can arrange the layout in up to four rows and two columns.

Overview configuration page
Figure 2. Overview configuration page
  1. Visualizations list: This area lists all of your visualizations that have not been added to your layout. To add a visualization to your layout, drag and drop the visualization from this area into the Page preview area or click the Add icon (+) on the visualization. You can drag and drop the visualization to an available position or to any other position if there is available space. If you add a visualization to a position that is currently occupied, that visualization moves one position further in the layout.
  2. Page preview: This area provides a preview of how your visualizations will be displayed on the Overview tab. To rearrange the layout, you can drag and drop visualizations to new positions. To remove visualizations from your layout, drag and drop the visualization into the Visualizations list on the left of the page or click the Remove icon (-) on the visualization.
  3. Columns: Use the Right arrow and Left arrow icons next to each row to configure how many visualizations you want in that row. You can configure a maximum of two columns per row.

To configure your overview layout, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Analyze > Scenario Visualizations.
  2. On the Overview tab, click Configure layout.
  3. Configure your layout.
  4. At the top of the page, click Save changes.