Schedule page

On the Schedule page, you can create and configure event schedules and round settings. You can also configure reminder notifications for bidders and schedule bidder activity reports to be sent to team members.

The Schedule page features two tabs: The Schedule tab, and the Notifications tab.

Schedule tab

On the Schedule tab, you can set up your event schedule, configure rounds and stages, set the event time zone, configure schedule visibility for bidders, and create and customize the Autopilot agenda.

Figure 1. Schedule tab
  1. Schedule timeline: After you add rounds to your event, the event schedule is displayed on a timeline at the top of the Schedule page. The timeline displays start times and end times for rounds. Hover over the markers for additional details.
  2. Event schedule: Add, configure, edit, and arrange event rounds and stages.
  3. Event timezone: Configure the event time zone.
  4. Bidder visibility: Configure the event schedule details that bidders can see.
  5. Autopilot: Enable and configure Autopilot agenda settings for the automatic opening or closing of rounds and stages.
  6. Event stages: Enable and configure multi-round stages for the event.

Notifications tab

On the Notifications tab, you can configure email reminder notifications that will be automatically sent to bidders at specific times during the event.

The following notifications can be configured on the Notifications tab of the Schedule page:

  1. Remind bidders who have not accepted the invite: an email is sent to bidders who have not accepted the invite, reminding them to accept in order to participate
  2. Remind bidders who have not bid: an email is sent to bidders who have not bid, reminding them to place their bids
  3. Update team members with a bidder activity report: an email is sent to team members with an update of the bidder activity report

Figure 2. Design Schedule Notifications

For more information on scheduling a notification, see Configuring a notification.