Adding a formula column

Formula columns enable you to configure custom formulas that will automatically evaluate whenever a bid is received. You can use bid sheet columns, arithmetic and comparison operators, and functions to build your formula columns. For more information on building formulas, see Formulas and functions.

You can add an formula column to your bid sheet from the Add a column area of the Columns tab.

Adding a formula column
Figure 1. Adding a formula column

After you click to add a formula column, a form for configuring the column settings opens.

  Figure 2. Formula column configuration form
  1. Name: Enter a name for the column.
  2. Description: Optionally, enter a description for the column.
  3. Placement: Select from the list where in the bid sheet you want to place the column. You can place the column at the beginning of the bid sheet, the end of the bid sheet, or before any other column in the bid sheet.
  4. Visibility: Select whether the column will be visible to bidders or hidden from bidders.
  5. Result type: Select the data type that the formula results will be displayed as: Text, Number, or Currency. If you select Number or Currency and value as the Result type, you can set the number of decimal points the entered values will round to from the Round formula results to list.
  6. Formula: Enter the formula in the Enter a formula field, or else use the buttons provided to build your formula. Click Test this formula to test if your formula is correct.

After you configure the formula column settings, at the top of the page, click Save changes.