Editing a column

You can edit a column's settings from the Columns tab.

Editing a column
Figure 1. Editing a column

After you click Edit column, the column configuration form opens.

You can also convert a column to a different column type. For example, you can convert an input column to a formula column or a feedback column. After you click an option to convert a column to another column type, the column configuration form for the new column type opens.

If you want to edit a column or a lot during a live event, you must first pause the event.

To edit a column, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Design > Bid Sheet.
  2. Click the Columns tab.
  3. In the Columns area, for the column you want to edit, click the Actions icon, and then click Edit column.
  4. Edit the settings as required, and then click Save changes.