Columns tab

You can add, arrange, edit, and delete bid sheet columns on the Columns tab. You can also search and filter the column list, and assign roles to columns.

Columns tab
Figure 1. Columns tab

The columns area displays a comprehensive overview of your bid sheet columns, and provides options to search, filter, arrange, edit, and update columns.

Columns area
  Figure 2. Columns area
  1. Columns list: This area lists all of your bid sheet columns and displays the configuration of each column using descriptive and interactive labels. You can click the name of the column to open the configuration form for the column and make any edits or updates. The column type is listed below the name. The labels next to the name list who is inputting the data, the column visibility, the column requirement, the precision settings, if the column has restricted inputs, and the role assigned to the column, if applicable. You can click any of these labels to bring you directly to that section of the column configuration form.
  2. Search name: Search the column list by entering a column name. The column list updates as you type.
  3. Filter area: The filter area provides a range of criteria by which you can filter and refine the column list. You can apply multiple filters at once. Click any of the available filters to open a dropdown list of filter options. After you select an option, click Apply to update the column list. Click Reset to reset the filter.
    The following filters and options are available:
    • Visibility: Visible or Hidden.
    • Requirement: Mandatory or Optional.
    • Input by: Bidder, Purchaser, or Purchaser with bidder specific values.
    • Input type: Text, Number, Currency and value, or Currency only.
    • Column type: Input, Formula, or Feedback.
  4. Select descriptive columns: Click to open the option to select any purchaser-input column as a descriptive column that will be added to downloaded reports.
  5. Arrange columns: Click to arrange the column list.
  6. Pagination controls: This area lists the column number range you are currently viewing. Click the number range to edit the number of displayed columns or to jump to a page. Use the Left arrow and Right arrow icons to navigate to other column pages.
  7. Actions: Click to open additional options to edit the column, convert the column to a different column type, or to delete the column.