Creating an RFI using a downloaded template

You can create an RFI offline by downloading a Keelvar RFI Design template, configuring the file in Excel, and then uploading the file to Sourcing Optimizer. After you upload your RFI, you can then edit, update, and configure the questions further on the Questions tab, if required.

Figure 1. Downloading the RFI Design template and uploading your RFI

When you upload a new RFI Excel file, the current RFI and all questions are overwritten.
If you want to add questions to an RFI offline, download the current RFI, add the new questions, and then re-upload the RFI Excel file.

To create an RFI using a downloaded template, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Design > RFI.
  2. On the Questions tab, click Import RFI.
  3. In the Create RFI offline area, under Download, click Download template.
  4. Open the downloaded Excel file and populate the columns for each question you are creating.
    1. Enter your question in the Question column.
    2. Optional: Enter a description for the question in the Description column.
    3. Select an question type from the Question Type list.
    4. Optional: If you selected Single-choice or Multiple-choice, in the Restricted Choices column, enter your list of choices, separating each choice using a pipe ( | ).
    5. Select a response type from the Response list.
    6. Optional: If the question is a sub-question, select Yes from the Is sub-question list.
    7. Optional: If you want to give bidders the option to include additional comments next to their provided answer, select Yes from the Allow comments list.
    8. Optional: If you want to upload supporting documentation for the question, select Yes from the Has supporting documents list.
    9. Optional: Enter an identifier name in the Identifier column.
    10. Optional: If you want to group the question in a category, enter the category name in one of the Category columns.
    11. Optional: Repeat Steps a-j to create additional questions.
  5. Save the Excel file.
  6. Upload the Excel file.
    1. On the Questions tab of the RFI page, click Import RFI.
    2. In the Create RFI offline area, under Upload, click choose a file.
    3. Navigate to the location of the Excel file, select the file, and then click Open.
      Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the Upload area.
      After you successfully upload your Excel file, the Questions tab opens and displays your questions.