Creating an RFI online

Creating your RFI online

You can create an RFI online by adding and configuring questions on the Questions tab.

If you are designing your RFI online, you can begin by configuring the New question. You can add more questions by clicking Add question. After you add and configure a question, in the lower-right corner of the page, click Save question.

For additional information about the available question options and attributes, see Creating questions for an RFI.

Creating a question — Edit tab
  Figure 1. Creating a question — Edit tab
  1. Question: Enter the text of your question.
  2. Description: Optionally, enter a description of the question to provide additional context.
  3. Tabs: On the Edit tab, you can configure the essential elements of the question — the Question type, and the Response. On the Options tab, you can configure additional question settings and attributes. See Figure 2 for more information.
  4. Question type: Select a question type from the list. Certain question types have additional configurable options. For example, if you select Number or Currency, Minimum value and Maximum value fields become available.
  5. Response: Click one of the response requirements.
Creating a question — Options tab
Figure 2. Creating a question — Options tab
  1. Comments: Setting this toggle switch to ON allows bidders to include additional comments with their response.
  2. Reference documents: Setting this toggle switch to ON enables you to upload supporting reference documents for your question. An option to drag and drop or select the file becomes available for the question after you enable this setting.
  3. Identifier: Optionally, enter a unique identifier for the question that will be displayed to the bidder and included in error messages.
  4. Categories: Optionally, select a category for the question. You can use categories to group related questions. Bidders can quickly filter and navigate to questions based on these categories.
  5. Manage categories: Click to add, edit, or remove categories.

Editing your RFI online

After you save a new question, it appears in an editable preview format in the list of questions. This provides a similar view to what bidders see and enables you to review and edit your RFI as you are creating it or when it is complete.

Similarly, if you design your RFI offline using Excel, and then upload it on the RFI menu, your questions are displayed in an editable preview format on the Questions tab. You can then edit, update, and configure the questions further, if required.

Questions preview
Figure 3. Questions preview
  1. Labels: This area displays different question attributes in label format, including the Identifier, the Category, and the Response requirement for the question.
  2. Add sub-question: Click to add a sub-question to an existing question. Sub-questions are useful for asking a related question or series of questions that do not require their own question. However, you can move sub-questions to become regular questions, if required.
  3. Add question: Click this icon to add a question directly before or after an existing question.
  4. Move: Click to move a question to another part of the RFI. You can move the question before or after any other question or make it a sub-question of another question.
  5. Delete: Click to delete the question.
  6. Edit question: Click to edit the question.