Enabling volume-based bidder discounts

You can enable bidders to configure volume-based discounts by assigning the Volume column role to a column in your bid sheet.

Before assigning the Volume column role, ensure that the Volume discounts setting is enabled on the Design > Event Settings > General page.

Enabling Volume discounts
Figure 1. Volume discounts setting

You can only assign the Volume column role to purchaser-input, numeric columns.

To assign the Volume column role, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Design > Bid Sheet.
  2. Click the Columns tab.
  3. In the Column roles area, click Assign roles.
  4. Under Volume, select the column that bidders can offer volume discounts on.
  5. At the top of the page, click Save changes.
Assigning the Volume column role
Figure 2. Assigning the Volume column role

Bidders can then select to configure Bundle discounts based on how much volume they are awarded on the Discounts tab. Note that this option displays as Volume, rather than the name of the nominated column that you assigned the Volume column role to.

Applying discounts — Bidder view
Figure 3. Applying discounts — Bidder view

If bidders require instructions on how to configure volume-based discounts or other discounts, refer them to Applying discounts to your bids.