Keelvarsity: Product training and resources

Keelvarsity is Keelvar's online self-service product training platform.

As part of the customer onboarding process, new users are invited to enroll in training programs. If you are an existing user who has not received training, contact your Keelvar Customer Success Manager (CSM) or our Support Team to be invited to join Keelvarsity, where you can self-enroll in courses from the catalog.


learning paths
Figure 1. Keelvarsity dashboard

This program and certification process is divided into three learning paths. Initially, you will be enrolled in the basic, entry-level course, Level 1. Essentials. After you complete this course, you can progress to Level 2. Professional, and finally, Level 3. Expert. Each path progresses in complexity and builds on knowledge gained in the previous course. The total certification path length is approximately 7.5 hours. 

learning paths
Figure 2. Keelvarsity learning paths
  • Check_icon_2.png   Introduction to Keelvar SO

    Check_icon_2.png   Set up Account Settings and Organization User

    Check_icon_2.png   Create an Event

    Check_icon_2.png   Design the Event

    Check_icon_2.png   Design the Event Schedule

    Check_icon_2.png   Design the RFI

    Check_icon_2.png   Design the Bid Sheet

    Check_icon_2.png   Send Messages to Bidders

    Check_icon_2.png   Publish Events

    Check_icon_2.png   Create Scenarios

  • Check_icon_2.png   Design the Event Settings

    Check_icon_2.png   Invite and Configure Bidders

    Check_icon_2.png   Place Surrogate Bids

    Check_icon_2.png   Manage Existing Events

    Check_icon_2.png   Review Bidders

    Check_icon_2.png   Review Bidder Activity

    Check_icon_2.png   Award Round and Close Event

  • Check_icon_2.png   Create Lot Groups and Bidder Groups

    Check_icon_2.png   Review Scenario Analysis

    Check_icon_2.png   Review Scenario Visualizations

    Check_icon_2.png   Review Bid Analysis

    Check_icon_2.png   Review RFI Analysis

Advanced Training

Keelvarsity now offers advanced training courses, including the course, Sourcing Optimizer – Scenarios Expert. This 90 minute course features a case study with 10 example scenarios that you can build in your event.

Additionally, enroll in the 60 minute e-Auctions Specialist course for a detailed training on how to create and run your own auction from start to finish.

Figure 3. Keelvarsity catalog


Keelvarsity also features a resources section for all customers, with bite-sized videos and recordings of our webinars. Customers using Sourcing Automation have access to further training materials.


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