Navigation bar

Use the Navigation bar at the top of the page to navigate between different pages, check your notifications, access the Bot menu, or access your account settings.

If your navigation bar displays the 'Fulfillment' tab as shown in Figure 1, you are operating in Version 1 of Autonomous Sourcing. Your CSM will be in touch soon to migrate you to Version 2.

Navigation bar
Figure 1. Navigation bar
  1. Sourcing: Click to navigate to the Sourcing Optimizer page.
  2. Fulfillment: Click to navigate to the Fulfillment Optimizer page.
  3. Notifications: Click to view your notifications.
  4. Bot menu: Click to open the Bot menu.
  5. Account: Click to access your account settings or to sign out.

The Sourcing and Bots menu items are available only to approvers.

Some pages and features in the application are accessible only to users with the necessary account permissions. Requesters and approvers typically have different roles, permissions, and access. Requesters have access to Fulfillment Optimizer; approvers have access to Fulfillment Optimizer, Sourcing Optimizer, and the Sourcing Bot.

The user interface and available features for requesters and approvers are described and explained for each role in other articles in this guide.