Rate Finder page

You can find available rates, request new rates, and view the progress and status of requested rates using Rate Finder.

The Rate menu item is only available in the Navigation bar if your organization has Rate Finder configured and your account has access to it. In some configurations, it may be named differently in the Navigation bar.

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Figure 1. Accessing Rate Finder

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Figure 2. Rate Finder page
  1. Access Rate Finder: Click Rate Finder to search for an available rate or start a new rate request.
  2. Rate Finder log: This area displays a log of rate requests and searches. The Rate Finder log provides information, categorized in column format, about each request or search.
    • Name: Lists the Sourcing Request Reference, followed by the name and UN/LOCODE of the origin and destination requested. Each rate request is allocated a Sourcing Request Reference which is listed at the start of the request name throughout the application, and in the Sourcing Request Reference column in the bid sheet. For example, in Figure 2, R1J-25 is the Sourcing Request Reference for that specific rate request for Amsterdam to Dublin.
    • Stage: Lists what stage the request is currently at.
    • Updated: Lists the date and time the request was last updated.
    • Status: Lists the current status of the request.
  3. Search and filter: Search and filter the Rate Finder log to quickly find the request you are looking for. You can use the search and filter features separately or together to locate the relevant request.
    • Use the search field to search the request name by entering the origin or destination name or UN/LOCODE. You can also search using the Sourcing Request Reference. The Rate Finder log updates as you type.
    • Use the Status dropdown list to filter requests by their current status. You can select a range of filter options, including All, In Progress, Incomplete Request, Complete, or Declined, to refine and update the Rate Finder log. After you select an option, click Apply to update the Rate Finder log. Click Reset to reset the filter.
  4. Pagination controls: Use the pagination controls to navigate to other pages of requests. Click the pagination numbers to select different options for the number of rows displayed per page.