Bot menu

You can access the Bot menu by clicking the Bot menu in the Navigation bar.

Accessing the Bot menu
Figure 1. Accessing the Bot menu

The Bot menu displays messages from the Bots and lists your unread and recent Bot chats. Select a chat from the list to open that Bot chat.

You can have multiple Bot chat windows open for different requests or actions at the same time.

You can also begin a new chat from the Bot menu or navigate to the Autonomous Sourcing page, where you can access all Bot chats and interactions.

Bot menu
       Figure 2. Bot menu
  1. Bot menu: Click to open the Bot menu.
  2. Pin icon: Click to pin the Bot menu to the side of the window. This icon changes to a Close icon when the Bot menu is pinned.
  3. New chat: Click this icon to begin a new chat with the Bot. You can launch specific Bot actions from this chat window if they are available in your Bot configuration. If your account has more than one Bot configured, an additional icon is available to collapse or expand each Bot chat list.
  4. Bot: This section displays the name of the Bot and the number of notifications you currently have for the Bot. Click your Bot’s name to open the Autonomous Sourcing page.
  5. Unread: This section lists your Bot chats that have unread messages. Click a chat to open the Bot chat window. After you open a chat in this list, the chat moves to the Recent section.
  6. Recent: This section lists the Bot chats that you recently opened. Click a chat to open the Bot chat window.
  7. View all conversations: Click this link to open the Autonomous Sourcing page. The Autonomous Sourcing page lists all Bot activity and chat interactions.