Sourcing Optimizer page

You can view the status and progress of your events, access your events, and begin chats with your available Sourcing Bots on the Sourcing Optimizer page.

The Sourcing menu item in the Navigation bar and access to Sourcing Optimizer are only available for approvers.

Figure 1. Sourcing Optimizer page
  1. Events hill chart: The hill chart displays the status and progress of your events. Each circle represents an event. Hover over a circle for additional information.
    • The color of the circle indicates the event’s current status.
      • Yellow indicates that the event is in a pre-publish state.
      • Green indicates that the event is progressing.
      • Purple indicates that bidding for the event is completed.
      • Pink indicates that Autopilot is paused.
    • The positioning of the circle indicates what stage the event is in.
      • Pre-bidding: The event is being designed or configured and is not open to bidders.
      • Bidding: The event is published and is open to bidders.
      • Analysis: The bidding stage of the event is finished and bids are being analyzed.
  2. Your recent events: This area provides access to recent events. Click Open to enter the Sourcing Optimizer application for the event. Click All events to open the Sourcing Optimizer Events page and view all events.
  3. Bots: This area displays your available Sourcing Bots. Click Open to navigate to the Autonomous Sourcing page.