May - July 2022 (v.22.34 - v22.46)

What's newMegaphone_icon.png

A new Award communication feature that automates bidder messaging, and UI improvements in the Invite menu.

To improve bidder communication at the Award stage, we have introduced a new automated communication feature that enables you to bulk-message all awarded bidders to inform them they have won lots, and all unawarded bidders to inform them they have not won lots. You can also add award feedback to the bid sheet to tell bidders the lots they have won and the percentage of each lot they have won.

As part of ongoing user interface improvements, sections of the Invite menu of Sourcing Optimizer have been redesigned and updated.

In addition, we have fixed a number of minor bugs and issues. The bugs and the version number they were fixed in are listed at the bottom of the page.

Features and updatesGears_icon.png

Provide bidders with essential award feedback with the click of a button

After you select the winning scenario, and before you close the event, you can now configure different types of award feedback for bidders that will be displayed in their bid sheet after you close the event.

Toggling on Winning status feedback tells bidders whether or not they have won a lot. It is displayed in the Winning status column in the bid sheet.

Toggling on Winning share feedback tells bidders the percentage share of each lot they have won. It is displayed in the Winning share column in the bid sheet.

Figure 1. Award — Winning Outcome — Award communication — Feedback

Streamline your award communication with automated bidder messaging

You can now send a preconfigured message to all bidders who were awarded at least one lot in the event, and you can also send a preconfigured message all bidders who were not awarded any lots in the event.

This automated feature simplifies award communication and streamlines bidder correspondence at a key stage of the sourcing process.

The messages are sent withing Sourcing Optimizer after you close the event. Bidders can view and respond to the message on the Messages tab. 

Figure 2. Award — Winning Outcome — Award communication — Message

Updated user interface for improved user experience in the Invite menu

As part of ongoing design and user interface improvements, we've made some changes in the Invite menu. We have redesigned the Visibility tab and Bonus/malus tab to simplify the search function, improve the file download and upload process, and create better consistency across the tabs.

Figure 3. Invite — Bidders — Visibility — User interface updates

Bug fixesList_and_check_icon.png

Table 1. Sourcing Optimizer Bug Fixes
Version Description
22.35 After enabling Global Rank feedback on the General tab of the Event Settings page, the Global Rank column did not automatically display in the bid sheet. This has been fixed. In addition, the Global Rank setting is now configurable from the Feedback tab rather than the General tab of the Event Settings page.
22.39 For bidder users, on the Discounts tab, when creating a bundle of lots to offer a discount on, the Select all function was not selecting all lots in the dropdown list. This issue has been investigated and fixed.
22.43 When bidders submitted their bundle bid in one round and attempted to edit the bundle bid in a subsequent round, an incorrect error message was displayed which did not clarify what the problem was and how the bidder could resolve it. This issue has been fixed with improved error-specific messaging now being provided when the bidder makes increases or decreases that can not be accepted.
22.45 When inviting bidders to an event, the entered email addresses were case-sensitive, which could affect the type of invite email sent. This presented issues for some bidders. This has been fixed and email addresses are no longer case-sensitive.


Table 2. Sourcing Automation Bug Fixes
Version Description
22.43 When a user adjusted the bidding deadline for a request, the Destination UNLOCODE was not included in the automated message sent to bidders to inform them of the updated bidding deadline. This has been fixed.