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Sustainable Sourcing: Optimizing for Scope 3 Emissions in Sourcing Events

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Capturing data on CO2 emissions along the supply chain has become crucial in helping procurement functions meet business sustainability targets. Sourcing professionals have an opportunity to drive the sustainability agenda, and reducing Scope 3 emissions that result from the activities of suppliers is one way to take big strides in this area.

This webinar presentation features a demonstration of how Sourcing Optimizer's scenario analysis feature can support sustainability objectives in a road transportation event. Hear from Keelvar’s Panos Stavrakos, Principal Consultant, on how our Sourcing Optimizer platform can help you capture Scope 3 emissions in your sourcing events and optimize for sustainability improvements.

You will learn:

  • Why is it important to capture supplier’s carbon emissions data
  • How to minimize Scope 3 emissions while maximizing the effect of your budget
  • Tips to optimize for the right amount of suppliers to meet your business targets
  • Practical steps in designing sourcing scenarios that look beyond lowest cost