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Configuring a reminder

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A reminder is an email notification that can be sent to bidders to remind or encourage them to take action in your event. Reminders can be configured on the Reminders tab of the Schedule page.

You can set a specific date and time for the reminder to be sent and you have the option to send it to bidders who have not accepted the event invite or bidders who have accepted the event invite but who have not yet bid.

After a notification is sent, you can track its status on the Reminders tab. Reminders can be edited and deleted but only if they have not yet been sent.

Figure 1. Reminders tab
  1. Round information: This area lists the date and time that bidding starts and bidding ends for the round.
  2. Round status: This badge lists the current status of the round, whether it is in progress or scheduled.
  3. Reminder status: This area lists your reminders and describes to whom they are being sent and when; their current status; and provides options to edit or delete the reminder if it has not yet been sent.
  4. Add reminder: Click to add and configure a reminder for the round.
Figure 2. Configuring a reminder

To configure a reminder, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Design > Schedule.
  2. Click the Reminders tab.
  3. Navigate to the round for which you want to configure a reminder.
  4. Click Add reminder.
  5. Under Send email remind to bidders who, select the bidders you want to send a reminder to.
  6. Under When, configure the Date and Time you want the reminder to be sent.
  7. Click Save.