Autonomous Sourcing overview

This guide provides an overview of the user interface for Keelvar’s new Autonomous Sourcing. It explains how to navigate through each stage of the sourcing process, the user interface elements, their functions, and how they relate to the process. If you require technical support, please contact Keelvar Support.

What is Autonomous Sourcing

Keelvar’s Autonomous Sourcing is a platform that leverages the power of Sourcing Optimizer and combines it with the speed, efficiency, and automation of Sourcing Bots to simplify and streamline your sourcing operations.

Autonomous Sourcing enables your organization to quickly launch sourcing events for new rates when existing rates are unavailable or unsuitable.  While the majority of the sourcing workload is performed by the Sourcing Bot, user action and decision-making are required by you or your team at key stages of the process. When an action is required, the relevant users are automatically notified by email.


Figure 1. Autonomous Sourcing High-level Overview