Autonomous Sourcing page

The Autonomous Sourcing page is the homepage for Keelvar’s Autonomous Sourcing.

On this page, you can start a new request, review and action requests, and review your Sourcing Bot.

To successfully navigate the Autonomous Sourcing page, it is strongly advised that you open a parallel window to display the interface of Autonomous Sourcing alongside this guide.

Requests tab

Search and filter:

Use the Search and filter the Requests function to quickly find the request you are looking for. You can use the search and filter features separately or together to locate the relevant request.

After you select an option, click Apply to update the Requests list. Click Reset to reset the filter

    • Use the Search request name field to search the Request name. The Requests list updates as you type
    • Use the Watchlist dropdown to filter a request search by requests that you are watching 
    • Use the Bot dropdown list to filter requests by the Bot used to make the request
    • Use the Status dropdown list to filter requests by the current status of the request
    • Use the Requested by dropdown list to filter requests by the email of the person who made the request
    • Use the Action dropdown to filter out requests assigned to a particular user in the approval, supplier selection and awarding stages
  • New request: Click to create a new request.
  • Pagination controls: Use the pagination controls to navigate to other pages of requests. Click the pagination numbers to select different options for the number of rows displayed per page

Requests list:

A list of all sourcing requests in table format with relevant request information displayed in columns.

  • Name: Lists the unique identification of the request; the name is comprised of the abbreviated Bot code and a number. The number is incremented with each new request
  • Action: Shows the action filter labels for respective requests
  • Status: Lists the current status of the request — Pending Approval, Pending Supplier Selection; Bidding; Pending Award; and Closed
  • Bot: Lists the Sourcing Bot used to make the request
  • Requested on: Lists the date and time the request was made.
  • Requested by: Lists the email account that made the request
  • View request arrow: Appears on hover. Click to open and review the request or complete any required action

Bots tab

A list of all available Bots with relevant Bot information displayed in columns.

  • Name: Lists the name of the Bots assigned to the Bot Owner

In Autonomous Sourcing, there are Bot user roles that can be assigned to a user or a team within an account. The role for which a user or team is assigned will determine the user's permissions or abilities.

The Bots tab is only viewable and accessible to Bot Owners, and will list the Bots that they are a Bot Owner for.